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Um, can I….

No! Don’t try to fit SubSonic in your mouth! It may fit, if you’re unlucky, but you don’t need that kind of trouble in your life. Sound is for your ears.
Is it Bluetooth?

Yes, they are all Bluetooth compatible.
If I don’t have a Bluetooth compatible music player, can I still use RP speakers?

Yes. See the next question.
What devices are compatible with RP speakers?

Most phones, tablets, computers, laptops, mp3 players, walkmen, and some record players. Basically any devices that are Bluetooth compatible or have a 3.5mm audio jack.
How long do they play on a single charge?

SubSonic/Pro and Sonic play up to 10 hours on a single charge. It depends on volume, music style, and your overall attitude about life. Plug-in feature plays longer than Bluetooth. They both go about twice as long in talk mode. SuperSonic plays indefinitely since it plugs in to a power source.
But isn't SuperSonic wireless?

Yes, it plays music wirelessly via Bluetooth, but you have to plug it in to a power source. Music source can be wireless. Power source is wired.

Can I really charge my cell phone/tablet by plugging into SuperSonic?

Sure can. There is a USB port in the back for such things.
What is included with my purchase? 

SubSonic/Pro/Sonic: Speaker, 1 speaker cable, 1 USB charging cable, and instructions.
SuperSonic: Speaker, 1 speaker cable, one power chord, and instructions.
What is the warranty?

1-year manufacturer’s warranty from defects.  Click here for details.
How do I get the best sound from RP products?

Playing high-quality digital files stored on your music device will sound better than streaming music through your music device.  That's just technology.  It has nothing to do with RP products.

Also, as with any speaker of any size, putting it in the right environment can improve the acoustics. Experiment with different places and surfaces if you'd like. For example we like to put SubSonic on top of a large filing cabinet or on certain desks. When outdoors, we put it on a portable picnic table. These are just our preferences. What are your preferences? Let us know.

Does it do the Bluetooth?

….yes, it still does Bluetooth.
Are these resonant speakers? (Do they need to be set on a particular surface to hear them?)

No way. RP plays anywhere, anytime. On concrete or rock. From your backpack. In your room. Extraceterra. Extraceterra.
Can you daisy-chain (connect) multiple PR products together?

No, they aren’t that kind of thing. Red Planet products are designed to give complete and clear sound from one unit with a maximum amount of portability. Multi-speaker systems have a bunch of wires running around. We just can’t condone that lifestyle.
Are these waterproof or fireproof?

No. Treat them like any other electronic device. Keep them away from water, fire, and the planet Venus. The good news is that they don’t get sick or hurt feelings.
Why does my speaker sound distorted at max volume?

There is nothing wrong with your speaker. It should be played up to 90% of max volume for most applications.
The extra 10% is for people who record their music too quietly or listen to quiet music.
Why does my SubSonic/Pro/Sonic sound distorted at low volume?

Most likely the battery is low. Fully charge it, then try it again.
Is the paint covered under the warranty?

No. We use a metal body instead of plastic. It sounds much better, but we have to paint it like a car. So if you chip the paint, that's kind of just normal wear and tear. Re-paint it with style. Send us a pic.
Can you put my company or non-profit logo on RP products for promotional use or company gifts?

Yes we can. There is a minimum order required. Feel free to get creative. Contact our Customs humans on the contact page.
Why are RP products so cool?

SubSonic colonized asteroids for a while. It was a success. Sonic wrote it's doctoral thesis on the health benefits of crying over spilled milk. SuperSonic has three children. One of them is the motion of waving hello to people. The other two are farmers in Guatemala (which we don't really understand). These may be facts, but they won’t win you any money in bar trivia. If they do, send us an email. We get half.
Do you support international shipping?

Yes, but you pay the cost.
faq Disclaimer:

Please use Red Planet products for their intended purposes. They aren’t floatation devices. They can’t drive a car or offer good dating advice. Don’t throw them at people or hit anyone with them. They won’t solve all of your problems or accurately predict the future. THEY JUST!
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