Something they'll remember.

Offer a personalized gift they really like

Specially designed for promotional and corporate gift use, Red Planet Customs is now offering SubSonic Pro. SS Pro has all the features of SubSonic and adds a built-in MP3 processor. SS Pro is a complete, stand-alone audio system. Just turn it on. It does the rest!

SubSonic Pro is capable of holding 16gb of removable memory (via microSD card).  Load music, pictures, or messages of gratitude, instruction, information, or humor.  You can even create playlists specific to your location and customer base.


Here is an example of how one hotel chain is using SubSonic Pro:

A client checks into their room for the first time. They walk in to find a note suggesting they turn on the small speaker in front of them. Music begins playing in the background...

“Thank you for choosing Santa Fe Resorts. We are glad you’re here. This amazing little speaker is full of information about our resort and the surrounding area. It can also pair to your Bluetooth device for your wireless listening pleasure. If you enjoy it, just take it with you. We will simply add it to your bill.

"To learn about great restaurants in the area, press Track Forward. To hear the history of Santa Fe Resorts, press Track Forward again….”

Red Planet Customs give you the creative freedom to reach your customers in a unique way. Your clients and recipients will be impressed by the amazing sound they hear and the innovative experience you offer. 


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