If your favorite non-profit sold your favorite products at great prices, wouldn’t you buy them?

RP Causes is Red Planet’s way of helping out. If you are making the world a better place, we want to help support your cause. And we really can help you make a difference. Offer Red Planet merchandise for sale, as incentive for donations, or as gifts.


Set your non-profit free

There is no freedom like having a self-sustaining non-profit (we know all about it). We are here to help make that freedom a reality. Offer Red Planet to your supporters person-to-person, through email, or on your website.

Enjoy the benefits of a self-sustaining business model
• Spend less time fundraising and more time doing what you're here to do.
• Free your self from relying on strings-attached donations
• Self-sustaining is very attractive for foundations and government grants
• Start-up grants are actually available to help you get started


Give to receive

This is the 21st century. Supporters expect non-profits to operate efficiently, and show appreciation for donations. It's simple: Non-profits offering incentives for donations are more successful at fund-raising. And this is much simpler than you think. Want to attract $100 donations? Offer Red Planet products.


Give to give

Do you have a non-profit that rewards kids for improving their lives or performing community service? Do you support school music programs? Give the kids something exciting. Give them something that will make them truly feel rewarded for a job well done.

Red Planet merchandise can be used to supplement kids sports teams, clean water programs, poverty solutions, etc.

For more info on what can be done with our products, visit our Customs page and invoke your imagination.

Don't just change the rules; Change the game. Offer Red Planet and watch what happens.

Get started with no risk and no cost to you. Contact us for the run-down.












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